Placemats on Trays

By Charlotte Cushman on Feb 05, 2013

In this activity the student places one placemat on each cafeteria tray.  The activity works on the following skills:

  • one-to-one correspondence (one placemat for each tray)
  • sequencing
  • working with others
  • vocabulary


  • stack of cafeteria trays
  • stack of placemats


  1. Help the student to set up the workspace in an organized way, working left to right, so that she can pick up one tray, put one placemat on it, and place it in a stack of "finished" trays.
  2. Encourage the student to work as independently as possible until all of the trays are gone.


  • Additional steps may be included, such as adding silverware or napkins
  • Have the student extend the activity by getting the items from where they are stored before the activity begins, and placing them in the area where the items are stored after the activity has been completed.