Passing a ball

By Charlotte Cushman on Feb 12, 2013

This activity can be done as a warm-up exercise with two or more students.  The goal is for the two students to pass a ball back and forth with a peer with independence, so there is a social component, as well as a physical one.  This activity also works on positional concepts, such as back/front.


  • large ball that students can grasp and pass (an adapted ball with special grips or handles may be used, if necessary)


  1. Have the students stand back to back with a partner.
  2. The first student bends over and rolls the ball between her feet to the student behind her.
  3. The other student also bends down and reaches back between her feet to receive the ball.
  4. Repeat.


  • Make this part of a longer series of warm-up exercises as part of a regular routine.  Consider including the Hula Hoop warm-up, for example.