Nemeth and Graphic Interpretation for Division

By CQueen on Apr 24, 2017

  • Find quotients of whole numbers with 4-digit dividends and 2-digit divisors using multiple strategies.
  • Students who are blind or visually impaired and using Nemeth code for math may be unfamiliar with formatting and may not understand various strategies, such as arrays and area models.
  • Nemeth code/formatting
  • Multiplication and division facts
  • Tactile discrimination


  • Math teacher will give examples to TVI and tactile representations will be made on embosser or thermoform machine in advance to incorporate into the lesson.
  • Nemeth formatting will be taught and practiced with TVI before the lesson.
  • VI instructional assistant and/or TVI will share and explain tactile graphics with the math teacher the morning before the lesson.  


Functional skills, such as listening skills and following multi-step directions can be incorporated into the lesson.  
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