Modified T-Ball

By MLaCortiglia on Aug 05, 2013

T-Ball is the gateway into learning to play baseball. This modified game is appropriate for players of all abilities, including those in wheelchairs. There are a variety of ways to “pitch” the ball as well as ways to “hit” the ball. The skills worked on within this activity are directly related to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards, the Perkins School for the Blind Adapted Physical Education Curriculum and components of the Expanded Core Curriculum.


  • Electric ball launcher
  • A variety of different-size balls, from playground-size to baseball
  • Four bases plus cones
  • A variety of items to be used as bats, from a small, easily-held cylinder up to a regulation wiffle ball bat


The object of the game is for the offensive player to bat the ball, and to make his way around the bases before the defensive player gets tags him out. The defensive player can launch the ball by pushing the button that triggers the electric ball launcher, with their hand, arm, foot, or head, depending on their ability. This gives players the experience of pitching. The instructor then takes the ball and places it on the T (or a large cone if no T is available) for the batter to hit. The ball can be one with a continuous sound inside, to assist players in locating it. Players can begin with a larger ball and a smaller “bat” and progress to a smaller ball and larger bat. Teams take turns playing offense and defense.


For those who are able to, the ball may be pitched instead of launched.