Modified Kickball

By MLaCortiglia on Jul 31, 2013

This version of kickball, a classic playground game, utilizes low-tech adapted equipment and modified rules. Suggested game variations are provided for different populations of student ability. The skills worked on within this activity are directly related to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards, the Perkins School for the Blind Adapted Physical Education Curriculum and components of the Expanded Core Curriculum.


  • Ball ramp: can be made of TriWall or similar cardboard, painted with contrasting colors on edges
  • Electric ball launcher
  • Activation switch
  • Playground ball (preferably yellow for contrast on ramp)
  • Four bases plus large cones
  • Milk crate or small box or small cone to use as kicking tee


Divide class/group into two teams, a fielding team and a kicking team. On the fielding team, everyone takes a turn pitching. Students who are able can roll the ball by bending their knees, squatting and rolling the ball between their legs or from the side. Students that need to can use the ramp and/or ball launcher. Once the ball is kicked the runner advances to each base, represented by a cone and numbered base, while the fielding team fields the ball.

There are three ways for the fielding team to get a runner out; choose one based on the ability of the players involved.

  • Fielder brings the ball to the base and touches it before the runner gets there, or touches the runner with the ball.
  • Fielding team passes the ball to every defensive player before the runner touches all three bases and makes it home.
  • Fielder holds the ball above his or her head before the runner gets on base. (This option is for students with no vision; play is similar to beep baseball.)


  • Students in a wheelchair may roll the ball down the ramp.
  • Students with limited movement ability may utilize an activation switch and electric ball launcher.
  • Students with limited lower extremity movement may utilize a ball on a kicking tee.
  • A beanbag may be placed on each cone for the base runner to knock off.
  • Use a sound source device at bases or use beep baseball bases if available.
  • Use a ball with constant sound source (recommend Beep Kickball)