Modified Golf

By MLaCortiglia on Jul 26, 2013

This modified golf activity is ideal for beginner golfers. It is designed for students to develop the basic skills and concepts of golf in a semi-controlled setting. The concept of the "long, middle, and short" game is stressed. The goal of this activity is to complete two holes in one session. Students progress from this activity to more advanced activities, eventually leading to playing on a true golf course.

The skills worked on within this activity are directly related to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards, the Perkins School for the Blind Adapted Physical Education Curriculum and components of the Expanded Core Curriculum.

Download the checklist of skills needed for Modified Golf.


  • A youth, beginner or practice set of golf clubs, such as SNAG® clubs
  • Small cones used as starting tee
  • Verbal cue or sound source at target
  • Optional scorecard or adapted counting system to keep score


  • Review the layout of the area with students. Include starting tee, location and number of holes/targets, obstacles, and what is in the surroundings. Tactile maps, verbal descriptions, and walking the environment are all possible methods.
  • Review expectations and rules: students carry their own golf bag with driver, putter, tee, and ball; students place ball on tee, grip club and line up correctly, swing and strike ball, wait for all players to hit ball, locate and walk to ball and then repeat steps and counting each time they strike the ball.
  • Have student select club to use.
  • Remind students to take a minute to set themselves and focus on striking the ball toward the target and not rush to strike the ball.
  • Prompt students to consider the amount of back swing (amount of force) needed to hit the ball to target. Assist students in determining how far the ball is from the target.
  • Allow students with limited range of motion and flexibility to use one hand/arm to swing club.


Environmental Modifications

  • Use high color contrasting ball and tee.
  • The activities may be done indoors or outdoors.
  • Begin with short distances from the starting tee to the cup/target and gradually increase distance as students become more skilled.
  • If playing outside be aware of sun glare.
  • Small bag for clubs can be attached to a student’s wheelchair.
  • Use tape on the club handle as reminder for correct hand grip.

Instructional Modifications

If needed while the student is mastering basic skills, assist student in lining up the correct distance from ball and towards target. Verbal cues and partial physical assistance can be used.

Assist students only as needed to strike the ball.


Helpful Hint: Try handing the student the golf club with handle towards student’s hand, as if you were going to shake their hand with the club handle. Students will usually grip the club correctly.