Kick the Carton

By Activity Bank on Oct 10, 2013

This activity has been revised and was originally created by Kathy Heydt and Monica Allon and published in the Perkins Activity and Resource Guide (1st edition, 1992).  The second edition is available for purchase.

Being able to comfortably participate in sports, or simply on the playground, is an important skill for all students. This activity works on weight shifting, kicking and running by having students kick a milk carton around. Lessons include Adapted Physical Education, Orientation and Mobility, and Recreation and Leisure.


Milk carton, sound source


  • Give the student a milk carton (put some type of sound source inside the carton: bells, beans, pebbles, small blocks).
  • Ask the student to kick the carton, run to it and kick it again.
  • Set up goals at either side of the room and score a point each time the student kicks the carton across the goal.
  • Provide assistance as needed.


  • Alternate feet.
  • Vary the materials: small boxes, bean bags, cylindrical boxes (such as oatmeal boxes).
  • After the student has become proficient with the above items, introduce balls, starting with soft cloth or foam balls.
  • If the activity is too difficult, place the item in front of the student’s foot and allow her to kick it.

Hints: Guard the student against falling and bumping into obstacles. Perform activities on a safe surface such as an exercise mat.