Is It Congruent?

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

Student will compare any angle to a right angle and describe the angle as greater than, less than, or congruent to a right angle.  

  • Nemeth angle, degrees, subscript, parallel, lines, congruent, similar. 
  • Understand parallel lines, vertical angles, adgacent angles, supplementary angles, and how to read tactile graphics.
  • Use and apply facts that result from parallel lines cut by a transversal.


For each student: 

  • Fettucini (because it is flat) 
  • 4 dried red beans
  • 4 corn kernels 
  • Contrasting paper on which the student will work 

You may wish to substitute the beans and kernels for something edible if it would further encourage the student(s).


  • angles example 1 Review vocabulary: parallel lines, congruent, adjacent angles, supplementary angles, obtuse angle, acute angle, right angle, transversal, perpindicular lines, intersecting lines.
  • After reviewing vocabulary with the student have the student place 2 linguini parallel to each other. Then place the third noodle so that it intersects both lines.  
  • With a copy of  the Comparing Angles Worksheet as a guide, have the student put the 4 dried beans in the acute angles and the 4 corn kernels in the obtuse angles. 
  • At this point there should be a bean/kernel in each of the 8 angles. 
  • Ask student to comment on what they observe about the placement of the beans and kernels.  Responses should be include where similar angles are located.  Continue prompting the student until the concepts have been discovered. 
  • Once the student is confidenthave them complete the How do Your Angles Measure Up? Worksheet in the media of the students choice. 

angles example 2


angles collage


Pasta and beans/kernels can be glued to contrasting paper to aide in it staying in place. 

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