Investigating Slope with Legos - Part 2: Using Triangles

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Graph a simple ratio by connecting the origin to a point representing the ratio in the form of y/x

This lesson will be in two parts - one investigating slope by building lego staircases and determining the slope and the second by using two different sized triangles to understanding the proportional relationship.  Click here to see Part 1.


  • Graph paper either raised or bold linedtwo triangles - what is the slope?
  • Markers, dots, and/or tape to mark coordinates and lines on graph paper
  • Legos 
  • Large Print or Braille Ruler


  • Review vocabulary with student: y intercept, x and y coordinates, slope, right triangle, y intercept, rise and run
  • Review with the student the formula for slope y = mx+b: y = y coordinate, m = slope, x = x coordinate, b = y intercept   
  • Review with the student that slope is equal to rise/run.  
  • If this needs further explanation or pratice, use graph paper and draw a line with a slope of 3/4.  3 = rise, 4 = run.  For every 3 moves along the y axis, there should be 4 moves along the x axis.  
  • When student is confident in solving for slope, have student complete Find the Slope worksheet.  Two different triangles are highlighted.  The student should calculate the slope for both triangles using the media of their choice.  (The slope should be the same for both triangles)

slope collage


  • Online games can be found at
  • Students will need the opportunity to practice using the slope formula.  If your student struggles some with this, use the above online game to help.  
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