Indoor Modified Football: Activity 3 Field Goal Kick

By MLaCortiglia on Nov 05, 2015

The following is part of a series of 6 different activities related to football, designed to be played indoors on a replica football field.  These activities have been modified for students who are blind or visually impaired, including those with deafblindness or multiple disabilities.


  • 2 - 4 large cones
  • 7 footballs
  • kicking tee or small cone
  • clothes line or thin rope (optional) for trailing


  1. Have students feel and familiarize themselves with the goal posts
  2. Students take turns kicking the football from a tee or a small cone
  3. Set the football up 2 yards away from goal posts
  4. The objective is for students is to kick the ball between the goal posts but under the bar and then progress to kicking the ball over the cross bar
  5. Once the student is successful kicking the ball between the posts they can move back 1 yard


  • Provide a sound or verbal cue at goal posts
  • Add a center and holder
  • Keep score: 3 points made for each field goal or make points for each field goal made equivalent to the distance kicked from – have students add the score

activity 2 kickoff return collage

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