How Do You Get Your Pizza Fix: Does the Season Matter?

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

  • Construct a graph or table from given categorical data, and compare the data categorized in the graph or table. 
This lesson is intended to be delivered over several days.  Should you wish, the data collection portion can be dropped and the teacher can provide the data required in the Pizza and Season Survey Aggregation worksheet.  
Pizza and Season Survey Aggregation
  • Tabulating results to a survey -- This should include counting and recording using hash marks (both Braille and Print).


  • pizza and season surveyGraph Paper (bold or raised lined) 
  • Markers (different colors), Wikki Stixs, dots or other tactile stickers for making a graph 


  • Does the Season Matter? Survey Review Vocabulary with student: categorical data, bivariate data, correlation, tabulation 
  • Student, with the Teacher, will draft a statement to individuals (classmates, friends, family) explaining the survey and its purpose.  This statement should include, but is not limited to,  the following information:
  1. Purpose of the survey
  2. Participant make up
  3. Promise of anonymity 
  4. Thank you to the participants
  5. If the survey is to be given to classmates, then also consider how the student will address the request to a teacher.
  • After the draft statement has been completed, Student and Teacher should role play with the teacher modeling behavior first, then reversing the roles.
  • Once the student is confident in his/her presentation ability, conduct the survey using the Pizza Season Survey worksheet.
  • Pizza and Season Survey Assessment When all surveys have been returned, the student should tabulate the results and fill in the Pizza and Season Aggragation worksheet (See Other Foundational Skills).
  • Using the information on the Pizza and Season Aggregation worksheet, graph the results for each of the four seasons.
  • When the graph is complete, review with the student trends that might be found.
  • After discussing trends, have the student complete the Survey Assessment worksheet using the media of student's choice. 
  pizza season survey


  • This is an opportunity to work on Presentation Skills with the student. 
  • It would be useful for the student to use different colored markers or different tactile stickers for each of the methods of pizza delivery.  In this way the differences become more noticeable.  
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