Graphing Equations with Students with Visual Impairments

By ting.siu on Apr 24, 2017

  • Have students walk across the room, and then determine how their own physical movement translates to a graph.
  • Then link that back to a distance x time sort of equation.
  • Understanding of how to graph points
  • Positive and negative concepts on a number line and axis on a graph


  • whiteboard
  • ipad with camera feature
  • Evernote app
  • bold-lined graph paper
  • Onscreen graphing calculator rather than a physical one.


  1. Provide large print, high contrast graph paper, and allow use of pens instead of pencil.
  2. Email, classroom observation, 1:1 meetings, follow up with resource teacher (case manager)


  • Classroom teacher will consistently provide tests/quizzes in large print with extra time, and allow use of pens and bold lined paper.
  • Incorporate functional skills, such as use of visual landmarks, visual aids.
  • Discuss with student ideas of working efficiently, using different tools to accomplish that, and how to make smart decisions to improve understanding and performance.
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