The Function Machine

By Susan LoFranco on Apr 24, 2017

A) Student will complete a function table given at least 2 complete ordered pairs.  

B) Student will make a function table consisting of a number of independent and dependent variables. 

Student will solve real life problems using a function table.


Function Tables



This lesson will reinforce the concept of a function table and relate it to graphs. 

  • Review vocabulary:  Function is a relation in which every input is paired with exactly one output, Function Tables  display the relationship between the inputs and outputs of a specified function,  Axis of a coordinate plane One of two perpendicular number lines called the x-zxis and the y-axis, used to define the location of a point in a coordinate plane (have graph paper to aid in review), x-axis  the horizontal axis in a coordinate plane, y-axis the vertical axis in a coordinate plane. 
  • With the student work together on a simple function table (see attached worksheet for calculating earnings). In this case the student already knows the given variables and starting amounts.  After the function table is completed have the student graph the results.  Next the student will identify the missing number that completes the pairs.  (see worksheet for lawyers fees) Again after the function table is completed the student should graph the results.  Remind the student to label the x and y axis appropriately.  
  • Once the student is confident, to reinforce the lesson, have the student complete the third problem on the worksheet using the media of the student's choice to record the answers. 

If the student has access to a computer the following website can be accessed for more practice (This site has not been tested with JAWS or any other screen reader.)


function table collage



If the student is having difficulty understanding the concept of a function and function table relate it to a machine like a  toaster.  Bread is put into the toaster, the toaster gets to work and toast comes out.  Then move onto simple functions machines like an animal machine.    Figure out animals and number of legs.  1 cat = 4 legs, 2 cats ? legs, So when 1 cat goes into the function machine 4 legs come out, when two cats go in how many legs come out?  Then turn the function table around, giving student the number of legs and ask how many cats.  


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