Find the Objects/Beginning Sound Identification

By Activity Bank on Jun 17, 2013

This activity has been revised and was originally created by Mary Jane Clark and published in the Perkins Activity and Resource Guide (1st edition, 1992).  The second edition is available for purchase.

This activity introduces beginning reading and braille skills, through initial consonant and consonant blend sounds, as well as object identification. Lessons include English Language Arts and Independent Living Skills.


  • 21 shoe boxes. For each shoe box you will need five or six real objects which begin with the appropriate alphabet letters. Use any available physical items that students are likely to be able to identify.
  • Braille and large print alphabet letters, on sheets of paper (to be affixed to the end of the shoe boxes)


  • Affix the paper with the print and braille alphabet letters to the ends of the shoe boxes.
  • Attach a picture of a common object that begins with that letter next to the letter, as an example.
  • Place six objects beginning with each letter in the appropriate box.
  • Have the student identify the objects in each box.
  • Select two boxes, and empty the contents of these boxes into a larger box.
  • Have the student remove one object at a time from the larger box.
  • Have the student identify each object and place it in the corresponding initial consonant box.


  • Identify objects that are associated with a given topic such as the kitchen, bedroom or classroom.
  • Identify objects that are the student’s personal property.
  • Hide objects within the classroom and have the student find the objects that begin with the identified blend or initial consonant. For example, have the student find as many things as he can that begin with the letter B.
  • To reinforce initial consonant blends and digraphs, follow the same procedure but replace initial consonants with blends (e.g. br with a photo of a broom).

Hint: Throughout the day, ask the student to identify the beginning sound of objects he encounters such as his desk or clothing. Discuss other words that start with the same sounds.

For more ideas on teaching beginning sounds, see Paths to Literacy.