Constructing Geometrical Figures to Scale

By CQueen on Apr 24, 2017

Student will use tactile graphics to compute area of given shapes and create scale replicas.

  • Basic knowledge of properties of specific shapes
  • Basic understanding of area



  1. Give student tactile shape.
  2. Using the squares on the graph paper, have the student calculate area.
  3. Discuss "scale" and give tactile examples of various shapes (not only geometric shapes).
  4. Have the student use graphic art tape to create a scale replica of the original shape.
  5. Use the squares to calculate the area of the new shape.
  6. Compare areas of the shapes in relation to scale.

Collage of geometric activity



  • Have tactile shapes created beforehand that they will be reproduced in different scale.  embossed graph paper with tactile shapes


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