Catch It If You Can

By Activity Bank on Dec 30, 2013

This activity has been revised and was originally created by Kathy Heydt and Monica Allon and published in the Perkins Activity and Resource Guide (1st edition, 1992).  The second edition is available for purchase.

Students will practice catching and throwing in this activity. Lessons include Orientation and Mobility.


Various size pillows (If student is totally blind, the pillow can have a sound source such as a bell attached to it.)


  • Ask the student to sit comfortably on the floor.
  • Gently toss a large pillow to the student and ask her to catch it with both hands.
  • If the student is totally blind, give a verbal cue to get ready (put her arms out) and a verbal cue when to catch it.
  • Ask the student to gently throw the pillow back.
  • Provide assistance as needed.


  • Vary the distance.
  • Vary the student’s position: sitting, kneeling, standing.
  • Vary materials: stuffed animals, foam balls, cloth balls, balloons, beeping balls, beanbags.
  • Vary size of materials, beginning with large items and gradually decreasing size.
  • Ask the student to catch items with only one hand.
  • Once the student has begun to use balls, work on tossing the ball in the air and catching it; bouncing it on the floor and catching it.

Hints: Guard the student against falling and bumping into obstacles. Caution students against striking other students in the face with balls, and knocking materials over. Perform activities on a safe surface, such as an exercise mat.


throwing and catching collage