Capture the Treasure

By MLaCortiglia on Aug 05, 2013

This fun game is similar to capture the flag, but for students of all levels and abilities, including those in wheelchairs. It gives students a chance to work on directional cues, mobility skills, and orientation skills, while having the opportunity to maneuver around in an open space. The skills worked on within this activity are directly related to the National Association for Sport and Physical Education National Standards, the Perkins School for the Blind Adapted Physical Education Curriculum and components of the Expanded Core Curriculum.


  • Cones (tall)
  • Small balls in colors that contrast with the cones
  • Playground-sized balls made of soft rubber
  • Favorite or preferred object – could be a toy or a radio – something that makes sound


There are two teams: one defends the treasure while the other tries to win it. As few as two kids may play this game. The defending team has a playground ball which it uses to try and hit the other team. The other team tries to get all the small balls off of the cones without getting hit to win the treasure. Each time they are hit with the playground ball, one small ball must be replaced on a cone.

  • Set up cones around the room, each with a small ball in a contrasting color placed on top.
  • Defending team has playground balls for throwing.
  • Capturing team moves around the space trying to remove all the small balls from the cones without getting hit by a defensive team ball.
  • When all small balls are off the cones, the capturing team gets the treasure.


Use cones of differing sizes to challenge students with some vision or more mobility skills.

Hint: To prevent the throwing of the small balls, tell students to take the small balls and place them on the floor away from the playing area.

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