Beach ball with bell

By Charlotte Cushman on Feb 12, 2013

A beach ball is a good way to introduce ball sports to students who are blind or visually impaired, as it is bigger than most other balls, and it also travels more slowly than other types of balls.  In addition, it is easy to place a bell inside the ball when blowing it up, so that there will be a sound source to help children to identify its location.

This activity can be a simple game of catch or a beach ball can be used for other more structured games, such as volleyball.


  • beach ball with bell inside


  • Invite two or more students to form a circle.  This activity can be done sitting or standing, depending on the needs of the students.
  • Begin by passing the beach ball to others.  This can be done in a structured way, such as passing it to the person on your right, or allowing the children to pass it to whomever they wish.  Provide support, as needed.
  • Once the students are familiar with handling the ball, have them throw it gently to another student.  That student catches and throws to someone else.  Continue.


  • After the students have become familiar with the beach ball, try a more formal game, such as volleyball.
  • Try using different types of balls of different sizes and styles.