Adapted Cribbage

By PJ Durand on Jul 29, 2013

Leisure activities are an important aspect of everyday life, particularly activities students can enjoy doing for the whole of their lives. Cribbage is an activity that can be learned young; it reinforces important math skills while giving students a chance to practice social skills and enjoy a game. Lessons include Math, Social Skills, and Recreation and Leisure.


Adapted cribbage board, differentiated pegs, and a deck of brailled playing cards


This adapted cribbage board can be created using wood and rubber matting. Dimensions are 33 inches by 14.5 inches. Rubber feet on the bottom of the four corners keep the board from slipping. Slots for holding the playing cards on each side are lined with rubber matting, to keep the cards in place. Players can then keep their cards neatly in front of them and feel their face value without worrying about them sliding around. A card holder at the top of the board holds the discards. The pegs are differentiated by color (on the head of the peg) and by a notch on one player’s set of pegs.


A large-size cribbage board, with large pegs, can be purchased, and only the card holder would need to be created.