Adapted Checkers

By Activity Bank on Jan 16, 2014

This is the classic checkers game, adapted for use by students who are blind or visually impaired. It can be used to promote a number of different skills including fine motor coordination, tactile discrimination, shape identification, spatial orientation and turn taking. The playing board features indented squares, and the wooden playing pieces are different shapes – round for one player and square for the other player. In addition to the full set of 12 pieces, each player also has three additional playing pieces that are twice the thickness of the others. These are the “kings.”

Lessons include English Language Arts, Math, Social Skills, and Orientation & Mobility.


  • Plastic playing board with indented squares
  • 15 round wooden playing pieces including 3 “kings”
  • 15 square wooden playing pieces including 3 “kings”


Players should follow the standard rules of checkers. Depending on the abilities of the players, a teacher may be needed to facilitate the game.




checkers collage