3-D Task List

By BeckySHoffman on Jul 19, 2013

Understanding the concept of a task list – things that need to get done within a certain length of time – is an important idea to master to be able to stay organized. This 3-D organizer gives students the opportunity to be in control of what tasks need to be done, and shows them how to keep track of which tasks still need doing. It provides tactile and kinesthetic feedback to the student. Lessons include Concept Development and Independent Living Skills.


  • Black rectangular board (approximately 6x 9 inches)
  • Velcro pieces (for affixing the labels)
  • Label maker, for making labels


  • Create, or purchase, a rectangular board, sized to fit on a desk.
  • Make a list with the student of tasks that need to be done that day (or week or month).
  • Create labels, in print and braille, one for each task.
  • Affix the labels onto the board with velcro.
  • Have the student remove each label as the task is completed.
  • Store labels on the desk organizer, or in some other convenient place.
  • When all labels have been removed from the board, tasks are complete for that day (or week or month).


  • Start with smaller number of tasks and increase as the student gains proficiency.
  • It can also be used for new vocabulary words, alphabetizing and much more.