Accessible Science Products

The following is a list of products and materials with photos and descriptions that we have used. We have noted the strengths and limitations. Please remember these are our opinions. Click on the names below to jump to that particular product.

The PIAF Picture in a Flash Tactile Graphic Maker is designed to create tactile graphics to support teaching science to students with visual impairments.
Digital thermometers announce the temperature and can be used in a variety of situations, such as measuring the temperature of water or other liquids during a science experiment, measuring the... Read More
An electric generator can be used can be used to power various small devices.
A trundle wheel is an easy and quick method to measure meters.  Roll the wheel along the ground and listen for the click.  After one complete turn of the wheel a click will sound to... Read More
A talking tape measure announces the distance being measured when the tape measure is pulled out.