Voice Recorder: Olympus VN 7200

 Many thanks to Kristen Ryan for her input about this product.

The following description is from the Olympus website:  getolympus.com

The VN-7200 combines the simplicity of analog recorders with Olympus’ renowned audio technology. This digital voice recorder offers hundreds of hours of recording time, key features to help capture ideal recordings and functional design elements that make it a versatile tool for everything from the classroom to the boardroom. The VN-7200 recorder is the perfect reason to finally get rid of messy and unreliable tapes.

Kristen's comments: 

This product is of value for students whose literacy levels are low as it allows them to answer on the voice recorder.  It is also appropriate for students who have fine or gross motor skill issues that make it difficult to produce text or braille. 

More detatiled product information can be found at:


  • This recorder is easy to use and manipulate. It allows students to review recorded information and add to it.
  • Students who have struggled to produce work in class or lab, will likely benefit from the voice recorder. 

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Ordering Info: 
  • This product is available from Olympus for only $39.99
  • See link.