Touch the Stars

The following description is from the website: 
Touch the Stars, published by National Braille Press, and written by Noreen Grice, with tactile illustrations by Shirley Keller and Irma Goldberg, is a Braille/Large print astronomy text with tactile line drawings. 
This book covers a variety of general astronomy topics including constellations, planets, moon phases, eclipses and galaxies.
Touch the Stars is 103 pages long, with print and Braille text and raised line drawing images on plastic pages.  There are 16 touchable illustrations (Big Dipper. Finding Polaris, Lyra and the Summer Triangle, Ring Nebula, Orion, Orion Nebula, Motion of the Planets, Waxing and Waning Moon, Lunar Orbit, Total Solar Eclipse, Total Lunar Eclipse,  The Planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Comet and Meteor Shower).
The text and raised lines of Touch the Stars are both clear.  
My students have enjoyed it and I have often used it as a supplement to instruction of astronomy content and for those students who would like further information.