Talking timer

The following description is from the bindependent site.
With its full-day timing range and great precision, the Talking Timer can handle most any timing task, from baking a cake to recalling an appointment. You can even set automatic repeats of countdowns, for regularly scheduled events - perfect if you need to be reminded to take medication at specific times. Want to find out how long a task takes? The Talking Timer can also be set to count up!
Those who have vision problems will love the Talking Timer. But almost anyone will appreciate the freedom this timer provides, alerting you to the time remaining, while leaving your mind and hands free for the task at hand.
Features include:
  • Counts up or down - you choose.
  • A time-out mode stops the timer for "off" periods in both up (stopwatch) and down timing
  • Unique "thru-zero" feature allows counting down, alarming, and counting up.
  • You can set the timer to auto-repeat (When zero is reached, the timer alarms and begins the countdown anew. Repeat cycle continues automatically until stopped).
  • Extra-large 1/2" high display and vivid LCD digits - readable from 10 feet - continuously show the time remaining.
  • In clock mode, timer "announces" time of day.
  • Each timer may be set to a unique alarm sound, so you can purchase and use several simultaneously without confusing them. Sounds include whistling kettle, bell, car horn, cuckoo and a standard beep.
Use the Talking Timer anywhere. Its magnetic back lets you put it on the fridge. Or flip open the easel to stand the timer on a desktop or countertop. There's even a spring fastener for attaching to a clipboard.
Size is 2 1/2" x 3 1/4" x 1/2" Weight is 2 1/4 oz.Comes with 2-year batteries.
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This product can be ordered from bindependent on-line for $21.95.