Talking Scale

A talking scale announces weights and are available in a variety of sizes and styles.  Kitchen scales may be the most valuable for science education, although bathroom scales and other types of scales are also available in talking formats.


Can do American (ounces and pounds) and metric (grams) measurements to the nearest tenth of a unit.  Allows students with no useful or low vision to independently measure with accuracy.


Is sensitive to touch, so it’s necessary to teach students to place something in the tray and quickly take their hands away to get an accurate measurement.  The scale has a display that will show measurements smaller than 5 grams but the voice won’t announce any mass under 5 grams.  It only measures to the tenth of a unit so may not be suitable for more precise measurements.

Ordering Info: 

Available from numerous vendors, including Independent Living Aids, Inc. and Maxi Aids.