Talking LabQuest

The following description is from the Independence Science website:

Students who are visually impaired can now independently access high school and college level science lab experiments with the Talking LabQuest.

The Vernier Original LabQuest has been adapted by Independence Science with Sci-Voice Access Software to improve access to science experiments for students who are visually impaired. This mainstream device is consistently used by sighted peers and is a one-of-a-kind tool for collecting/analyzing scientific data. 

Text-to-speech has been added for accessible data collection, navigation through the menu, data table, periodic table and statistical analysis features.

Recommended for use in high school or college curriculum for studying chemistry, biology, physics, earth science and any other lab course. Sensors are required for data collection.

Sci-Voice Software: 

  • Speaks and records data measurements in real time.
  • Periodic table with 20 spoken attributes for each element.
  • On board statistical analysis of data sets. 
  • Export to Logger Pro with Sci-Voice app for further analysis and tactile printing.

LabQuest Hardware: 

  • 70+ sensors compatible, up to 4 can run simultaneously. 
  • Durable design and water-resistant, built for years of use.
  • Battery allows for over 4 hours of continous usage.


  • The Vernier LabQuest is a very commonly utilized tool in high school and college lab settings, 
  • Probes are interchangeable.  When the Vernier LabQuest is already in use in a given lab, the only additional equipment necessary for the student with a visual impairment is the talking LabQuest. 
  • The Talking LabQuest allows the student with a visual impairment to not only be more involved in the lab itself, but also to collect and analyze data along with his/her sighted peers.  
  • There is a learning curve to utilization of the Talking LabQuest.  The TVI must become familiar with the manner in which the Talking LabQuest operates in order to instruct the student with a visual impairment.  Certain features of the regular LabQuest are not yet available when using the Talking LabQuest.  
  • Not a limitation of the equipment itself, but a consideration nonetheless, is the price of the Talking Labquest.  
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