TactiPad Drawing Pad

Originally designed for Teachers of the Visually Impaired to produce tactile drawings, the TactiPad can also be a useful tool for a student with visual impairment. The TactiPad includes numerous design tools and software is available to allow the image to be stored digitally.  
The following is from the IRIE At website:
Place the drawing paper on the tablet and use a pen or pencil to create your own tactile images. As you begin to draw a raised line will appear so you can see the results instantly! You can even draw with a digital pen and your drawings will be stored on your computer for later use and editing. 
Also, use it with the TactileView, tactile graphic design software, to create usable tactile graphics with ease.  Buy them as a package: Tactile Graphic Design Suite 


  • Charts & graphs
  • Measured drawings, using the included rulers, protractor and other drawing tools


  • Diagrams for anatomy, geology and other visual subjects
  • Audio tags make diagrams more interesting and informative

Art & Mobility

  • Tactile maps for mobility
  • Raised art & drawings
  • Audio/tactile graphics
  • The TactiPad produces a nice thick line.  
  • Paper is held in place well by magnets.  
  • The tools allow for production of a wide variety of tactile images for various subjects. 
  • Paper is not interchangeable with other drawing tools as it is larger.
  • The expense of the TactiPad may also be a limitation. 
Ordering Info: 
  • The TactiPad is avaialble from IRIE AT for $499.00
  • Graphics Software is available for $295.00.
  • The Small Audio Reading System is available for $349.00
  • The Large Audio Reading System is available for $449.00
  • TactiPad Film is available for $10.00 for 25 sheets.

Tactile View Flyer