Swail Dot Inverter

The Swail Dot Inverter is available on quota funds from APH.  This tool uses a specially made stylus to  invert dots to make images using a series of dots.
The following description is from the APH website: 
Construct simple diagrams, graphs, maps, etc. by embossing a series of single dots. Braille paper (sold separately) is placed on top of the 12 x 12 inch rubber pad. The special stylus allows dots to be embossed upwards by puncturing the paper on the down stroke and then pulling the dot upwards on the up stroke. The small holes in the resulting dots are not detectable tactually
Works best with Brailon® plastic braille paper. Brailon is sold by APH in an 11.5 x 11, 19-hole punched version (see Related Products below. Additional sizes are available from American Thermoform, www.americanthermoform.com
  • Encourages fine motor skills
  • It is time-consuming to product a detailed image. 


Ordering Info: 
  • The Swail Dot Inverter is available for $45.00 from APH on quota funds
  • Catalog Number: 1-03610-00
  • Please see link information on replacement rubber pads for the Swail Dot Inverter.