Space Shuttle Model

  • Accurate Space Shuttle models are 1/200 Scale.
  • The model is handcrafted in resin and hand painted.
  • A stand (pictured) is included.

All of the following space shuttles models are available:  

  • Atlantis
  • Challenger
  • Columbia
  • Discovery
  • Endeavor 
  • This model recently was made available to my students  thanks to Jim Allan's offer to bring it back from NASA for us. 
  • This accurate model can be used to better describe the Space Shuttle.  
  • The raised line in the APH astronomy kit of a space shuttle can be used with this 3-D model to better support your student's understanding of the structure of the space shuttle.
  • A review of the astronomy kit is at the following link:
  • None noted
Ordering Info: 
  • $139.00