Sensational Blackboard Mini

Designed by Ann Cunningham, a botanical illustrator and art teacher at Colorado Center for the Blind, the Sensational Blackboard Mini is an inexpensive accessible tool for those with visual impairment or blindness.  It is a compact version of the award winning Sensational Black board. See review at
The following description is from the Sensational Books Website:
  • Like the Sensational Blackboard, the miniature version requires only copy paper and a ballpoint pen for use.
  • Compact size of 4 5/8" X 6 7/8" 
  • Half the weight of the regular Blackboard
  • Perfect for backpack or handbag.
  • Lightweight and portable for student use.  This product is easily carried in a backpack.
  • Durable
  • Inexpensive - Only $29.95
  • There is no clip to hold the paper in place but it sticks to the board fairly well.  
Ordering Info: 
  • The Sensational Blackboard Mini is available for only $29.95.