Reizen Flame Resistant Oven Mitt

The following description is from the Maxi-Aids site:

  • Flame retardant
  • Quilted layers for extra safety
  • Protection all the way up the elbow
  • Sturdy for years of use
  • Handy Loop for Hanging

Avoid those hazardous burns and harsh, painful blisters by using these durable mitts Pull out oven racks or handle hot pans without fear of being burned. Extra long mitts protect you all the way to the elbow; much more coverage than your standard oven mitt. Handy sewn-in loop lets you hang this near the stove so it can always be nearby. 

  • This pack of 12 provides sufficient mitts for the whole class. 
Ordering Info: 

This product is available from Maxi Aids in a pack of 12 for $37.69 or individually for $3.49