Quick- Draw Paper

Quick Draw paper is convenient for use on the go.  Water-based markers or paintbrushes with water cause the lines of the image created to swell from the paper. 

The following description is from the APH Website:

Create instant tactile graphics that are useful for a wide variety of art, O&M, diagramming, and educational activities Simply draw on paper surface with a water-based marker and the lines will swell instantly and become tactile. Includes 10 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 inch Quick-Draw™ Paper, instructions in large print, and two water-based markers.  

Some suggested activities: produce simple maps, allow children and adults to draw, practice handwriting, make graphs, and teach beginning tactual skills.

  • The Quick Draw Paper is very portable and easy to use.  
  • It is available ON QUOTA FUNDS from APH. 
  • The pens that come with the Quick Draw Paper don't work particularly well.  Paintbrushes and water work better and create a more clearly raised line. 
  • Thick wedged highlighters work well also. 
  • The cost is fairly expensive (but available on Quota Funds). 
Ordering Info: 
  • The Quick Draw Paper is avaialble from APH ON QUOTA FUNDS
  • The paper comes in packs of 10 sheets for $35.00
  • Catalog Number: 1-04960-00