Plant Life Wonders of Science

This text does not appear to be in large scale production, but is sold by APH.  The link indicates that a color Large Print version will be produced upon ordering.  

This is part of a series by Joan Gottlieb written at a 3rd-4th grade level and is appropriate for students who require reading material at below grade-level.

Both Kate and I have found these books are well laid out and well-liked by students.  Each section ends with related questions and can be completed in about one class period. 

  • Easy for students to comprehend.  
  • Books are inviting.  Large print have well chosen pictures.  (currently in color)

This series does not appear to be in large scale production. 

Ordering Info: 

Plant life - Wonders of Science - Braille Version 
Catalog Number: 6-38414-00
Format: Braille, 2, v., 296
Cost:  $70.00

Plant life - Wonders of Science - Large Print Version
14 pt - Printed in color upon order 
Catalog Number: L-86298-00
Format: Large Print, 1 v., 146
Cost:  $60.00