Periodic Table of the Elements and Reference Booklet

This reference packet from APH comes with a backpack-sized, laminated large print, periodic table labeled in braille, a braille reference booklet and a large print reference booklet.


This extremely useful booklet has 6 different tables enabling the student to access information about the elements in various ways including by atomic number, by symbol, and by element name.  Tables also organize information about an element’s state of matter, electronegativity, electron configurations, boiling point and melting point. This is a wonderful tool for all students! 

Some students benefit from additional tactile adaptations to the table.  Tracking across the first three periods or rows is difficult. A line of puff paint or Wikki Sticks™ can help a beginning student find the right side of the table. Having the row numbers added as an extension to the right side of the table is also helpful. 
Many textbooks include a periodic table labeled with the cation and anion charges in the chapter where those are discussed. We adapted the APH table by adding the charges in Braille at the top of the appropriate columns.