LabQuest 2

Please note that Independence Science is offering an upgrade option for a limited time to customers who have already purchased the original Talking LabQuest.  Contact Independence Science for details.
The following description is from the Independence Science Website:
Talking LabQuest 2 is sold as a kit. Each package includes:
  • Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest
  • a USB keyboard
  • three sensors: stainless steel temperature, differential voltage, and current.
Additional sensors are available from Independence Science, as needed.
What are some of the new features of Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest2?
The Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest2 offers
  • wireless connectivity
  • a much larger hard drive
  • a faster processor
  • on-demand published Vernier Lab manuals in electronic format
  • easier access to personalized settings for text-to-speech playback
  • statistical analysis of data
  • date and time features
and much more. An overall better experience for our customers is waiting in Sci-Voice Talking LabQuest2.

Please see new features in the description section. 


The LabQuest 2 is significantly more expensive than it's predecessor. 

Ordering Info: 

The LabQuest 2 is available for $1995.00 from Independence Science.