Draftsman Tactile Drawing Board and Film

The following information is from the APH Website: 
Create instant tactile drawings easily!
Versatile tactile drawing board that is used in combination with special film and a stylus to create instant raised-line drawings. DRAFTSMAN drawing board is intended for a wide audience, such as visually impaired students, teachers, parents, and adults.

Use for

  • Producing simple raised-line graphics
  • Demonstrating math concepts and tasks
  • Demonstrating science concepts
  • Practicing handwriting skills
  • Playing games (e.g., tic-tac-toe)
  • Facilitating tracing activities
  • Creating art drawings
This board has a plastic frame that encases a double-layered rubber surface. Clamp a sheet of included drawing film onto the board and use the included stylus or a ballpoint pen to quickly draw a raised image.


  • DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board
  • Two-ended tactile drawing stylus
  • Tactile inch-ruler
  • 25 sheets of drawing film (also available separately)
  • Braille/print instruction book
  • Carrying case
  • The Draftsman is a great product for producing a quick raised line when needed for class.  I recommend keeping one handy for use in science class.
  • I have an earlier version of the draftsman and have not used the draftsman with the ballpoint pen though this is probably a valuable feature.
  • Please see the following link from Fred's Head Blog from APH http://www.fredshead.info/2008/04/draftsman-tactile-drawing-board-instan...
  • The APH Draftsman and drawing film are available on Quota Funds 
  • The drafsman does not have the ability to erase. 
  • The stylus tend to fall out 
  • There are not rubber pads mounted under the Draftsman(as on the InTACT Sketchpad) and a rubber mat is helpful so that the Draftman stays in one place.
Ordering Info: 
This product is available using Quota Funds.
DRAFTSMAN Tactile Drawing Board
Cost: $196.00
Catalog Number: 1-08857-00
Replacement Drawing Film:
The replacement tactile drawing film is available from APH at a cost of 25 sheets  for $7.00
Catalog Number: 1-08858-00