DNA-RNA Kit from APH

The following information is from the APH website:


This kit provides students with a sturdy and dependable model, improving other available molecular biology models.

The DNA-RNA Kit is an accessible interactive model that demonstrates introductory molecular biology concepts, including the formation of single and double strands of DNA, DNA replication, and transcription of DNA to messenger RNA. The model consists of interlocking jigsaw puzzle-like pieces that represent nucleotides, which are the subunits of DNA and RNA. These subunits are accessible to all students and have color, large print, braille, and tactile indicators for the phosphate, sugar, and base (A, C, G, T, and U) components of all nucleotides.

Use the DNA-RNA Kit for classroom demonstration, student-student interaction, and testing and assessment activities.

DNA-RNA Kit includes:
  • 32 interlocking DNA subunits
  • 32 interlocking RNA subunits
  • Large print guidebook
  • Storage/carry-box
  • Accessible HTML and BRF versions of the guidebook are available for download through the APH website. 
Note: APH does not sell the guidebook for this product as a separate item.
  • This excellent set from APH provides clear tactile differentiation of the components of DNA and the componenets of RNA.  The DNA nucleotides are clearly differentiated from the RNA nucleotides both tactually and visually.  
  • The bases are labeled on either side in print and large print so that both strands of DNA are easily read.  
  • Base-pairing rules are reinforced by the matching trapezoid tab and blank of guanine and cytosine and the matching round tab and blank of  thymine and adenine.(Uracil and adenine in RNA)  Students are therefore only able to correctly match base pairs.
  • I found that students better understood the fact that each strand of DNA serves as a template for a new strand during DNA replication after utilizing the kit.  
  • The guidebook is very clearly written and the pictures clearly illustrate use of the kit. 
  • If bases are not correctly pulled apart, the guidebook indicates that the laminate may separate.  This has not been an issue with the set I have used for 3 years.