Bumpons are clear tactile "bumps" which can be used to mark various surfaces.  They work well on both 3-D models and 2-D raised line drawings.  

The set includes various sizes.  The smallest is a little larger than a braille dot and the largest one is dome shaped and a little larger than a pencil eraser.  The collection also includes a sheet of bumpons that are flat on top and a little larger than a dime in diameter. 

As per the Exceptional Science Website,  bumpons 

  • Peel off easily
  • Adhere to any clean surface
  • Can be located tactually 
  • They are convenient in that they can be used on top of print not obscuring the print. 
  • There are various sizes and shapes available which makes marking several items possible at the same time so that the student can differentiate them.
  • None that I have noted. 
Ordering Info: 

There are 2 sets of bumpons available from Exceptional Teaching -- one for $24.95 and a set of 150 same size bumpons for $14.95.  They are dome-shaped and slightly larger than a braille dot.