Braillable labels and sheets

This description is from the APH website.

Braillable Labels and Sheets

These clear, blank self-adhesive labels can be brailled and used to label items around the home, school, and office, such as: household appliances; canned goods; greeting cards; books; CDs; folders.
The pre-cut, peel-off, Large and Small labels accommodate braille lines that are 15-cells wide, with four lines fitting on the large label and two on the small label. Full-Size and Pin-Fed Label Sheets offer more room for brailling and can be cut to the desired size. A printed SimBraille® sheet is included with each package to assist in determining size and placement.
  • Assorted Label Pack: 5 large, 5 small, 10 full-size, and 30 pin-fed sheets
  • Small Label Pack: 3.87 x 0.95 inches, 10 sheets, 18 labels per sheet
  • Large Label Pack: 3.87 x 1.75 inches, 10 sheets, 10 labels per sheet
  • Pin-Fed Label Sheets: 8.5 x 11 inches, 30 continuous sheets
  • Full-Size Label Sheets: 8.5 x 11 inches, 15 sheets
  • I have used mostly the full size label sheets and cut out the labels.  My students have found this paper useful when making various labels for labs or science projects.
  • I love using it over large print labels as the large print label is still visible then.  
  • My summer school students used the braille label paper for scrapbooking. 

I have not noted any limitations. 

Ordering Info: 
USING QUOTA FUNDS:  Braillable labels are available from 
Various sets are available as follows:
  • Braillable labels, Assorted Label Pack  - Catalog Number: 1-08871-00;  Cost: $47.00
  • Braillable labels, small label pack  - Catalog Number: 1-08872-00:  Cost: $13.00
  • Braillable labels, large label pack - Catalog Number: 1-08873-00;  Cost: $13.00
  • Braillable labels, pin-fed label sheets - Catalog Number: 1-08875-00;  Cost: $38.00
  • Braillable Labels, Full-Size Label Sheets- Catalog Number: 1-08874-00;  Cost: $17.00