AZER's Interactive Periodic Table: Atomic Model with Accessories

The atomic model can be purchased separately from the entire set. 
This model includes the atom and accessories (protons, neutrons and electrons).  
In order to include large numbers of protons and neutrons, the set includes larger pieces with textured surfaces which are designed to represent either 5 or 10 protons or neutrons. The guidebook for the set describes clearly how the model is to be utilized. 
As this model was inspired by the work of a science teacher of the visually impaired, Samir Azer, it is wonderfully adapted for students with visual impairment. 
I recommend one model for each student with a visual impairment.  
The following description of the entire set is from the APH site:

Inspired by Samir Azer, a science teacher at the Kentucky School for the Blind, this set can assist in the instruction and demonstration of concepts related to the arrangement of the periodic table, atomic structure, ionic and covalent bonding, and balancing of chemical equations to students who benefit from a hands-on, interactive model. Special attention was given to make the materials tactually discriminable and visually appealing to the target population, yet appropriate for all students regardless of visual acuity. 


  • The atomic model clearly differentiates both tactually(by shape) and visually (by shape and color) the protons, neutrons and electrons.
  • The atom model includes sufficient pieces to make many simple atoms. 
  • Concepts related to both atom structure and bonding are explained clearly using the model.  
  • I also have found it helpful to use the model when discussing concepts related to the Periodic Table, particularly in regard to valence electrons. 
  • Inherent to most models of the atom, the relative distance between the nucleus and the electrons is not possible to model on a desktop.
  • Please see the following activity which more clearly describes the relative distance.  Atom walk link.
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