APH World Map

The following description is from the APH website:
These thermoformed tactile maps are a comprehensive aid to geographic instruction and orientation.

With tactile maps of all the continents, regions, and countries of the world, World Maps are reproduced from original high-quality works by The Princeton Braillists. They differ from other tactile maps in that they use clear variations in height and texture, allowing a greater amount of readable information in a given space.

Thermoformed on durable 11.5 x 11 inch vinyl, the maps include rivers, mountain ranges, bodies of water, and other physical features, and country borders and capital cities. Labeled in braille, the facing pages have key information in braille and large print.

I have had numerous students utilize this resource and have found it to be user friendly.  The graphics are clear and keys are well-designed.  
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World Maps
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