APH Sense of Science - Plants

The following is from the APH website:

Sense of Science is a unique series designed to make the world of science accessible, understandable, and enjoyable.

The main component in each Sense of Science kit from APH is a set of colorful, raised-line overlays designed to be used with a light box, or as stand-alone items. An accompanying guidebook suggests activities using the overlays and supplemental teacher-provided materials to enhance and extend the learning experience.

Three modules are currently available, Sense of Science: Plants, Sense of Science: Animals, and Sense of Science: Astronomy. Additional modules will be available in the future. 

Sense of Science: Plants is the first module of a unique science series for visually impaired students in grades K-3, and for other students who may benefit from a multisensory approach to learning.


  • A large print guidebook (braille edition available separately) with activities to teach basic plant concepts. Activities use real objects and the included colorful, raised-line overlays.
  • Overlays include bean seed cross-section, flower, leaf, tree, etc. Use alone or with the optional APH Light Box or Mini-Lite Box (sold separately).
  • Two trays.

Note: Mini-Lite Box depicted in the photo is sold separately.

  • This set is of the same high quality as the Sense of Science- Animals and the Life Science Tactile Graphics.
  • It is designed for younger students from age 5-10. Lessons plans include English Language Arts and Math connections for the classroom.
  • The lesson plans are simple and easy to follow.  It includes a glossary of terms.

The content is limited, but appropriate for younger elementary students.

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