APH Sense of Science - Animals

The following is from the APH website:

The main component in each Sense of Science kit from APH is a set of colorful, raised-line overlays designed to be used with a light box, or as stand-alone items. An accompanying guidebook suggests activities using the overlays and supplemental teacher-provided materials to enhance and extend the learning experience. 

Sense of Science: Animals is the second module of this tactile/visual hands-on series. Activities incorporate a learning objective, a list of vocabulary and needed materials, an initial inquiry, a step-by-step procedure, an extended activity, a visual adaptation, math and language connections, and a science tidbit. Activities are also provided using the accompanying overlays.  


  • A large print guidebook (braille edition available separately) with easy-to-follow activities, a glossary, list of resources, and bibliography of related children's books.

  • A variety of visual and tactile overlays, such as an ant, bird, fish, life cycle of a frog, etc. that can be used alone or with the optional APH Light Box or Mini-Lite Box (sold separately).

  • Two trays.

Note: Mini-Lite Box depicted in the photo is sold separately.

Age Range: 5 to 10


  • This kit is the same stellar quality tacitle graphics as the LIfe Science Tactile graphics reviewed recently. 
  • It contains content appropriate for elementary students. 
  • It can be utilized with a mini-lite box.
  • The lesson plans are clear and concise.