APH Classroom Calendar

This description is from the APH Website:

This large wall calendar introduces sighted and blind children to such concepts as measuring time; tracking left, right, top, and bottom; recording the weather; and recognizing and sequencing numerals.


  • Blue plastic month grid, with raised grid lines printed in black
  • High-contrast, large print/braille labels with an orientation corner cut
  • Yellow plastic labels for the year, month, and days of the week and white plastic labels with numerals 1-31
  • Brightly-colored and embossed holiday and weather symbols
    • Instructions, large print and CD-ROM

Age Range: 4 to 10

  • The Classroom Calendar Set seems durable.  
  • I borrowed two sets for an activity and both were in nice shape after much use by students.
Ordering Info: 

Classroom Calendar Kit, English Edition

Catalog Number: 1-18970-00
Format: Product
Cost: $90.00

Classroom Calendar Kit, Spanish Edition

Catalog Number: 1-18973-00
Format: Product
Cost: $91.00