All-In-One Board

The following description is from the APH Website:
This multi-platform, easily-adjustable board from APH can be used in a variety of learning activities. 
Use the All-In-One Board in combination with either hook VELCRO® brand accessories or magnetic pieces (homemade, obtained from APH, or purchased commercially), as well as with dry erase markers. Board can be positioned at a variety of angles, from nearly flat to fully upright. Target populations include young children, students, and adults with visual impairments, as well as parents and teachers working with these populations. Intended for classroom use with students of all ages.
  • All-In-One Board
  • Starter package of dry erase markers
  • Product information sheet and cleaning/care instructions in both print and braille
  • Protective storage/carrying case
Note: Surface of board measures 23.56 x 14 inches.
  • This is a very versatile product that can be used for students with varying degrees of vision. 
  • The white board is used by students with low vision while the velcro board has many uses for both students with low vision and students with blindness. 
  • Students can either stand the board up or lay it flat as is most accessible for the student.
  • I have even used this board to mount both a recorder and a keyboard for a student who works with these items and can access them best in this manner. 
Ordering Info: 
  • The catalog order number for this product is: 1-08836-00
  • Price: $153.00