3B Ear Model, 3 times life size, 4-part

The following is from the 3B website:

This high quality model of the human ear represents outer, middle and inner ear. The detailed human ear model has removable eardrum with hammer, anvil and stirrup as well as 2-part labyrinth with cochlea and auditory/balance nerve. Ear on base for easy display in a classroom or doctor's office. This ear model is a great way to teach and study the anatomy of the human ear!
This model is 3 times the size of a human ear and contains 4 parts. 



The accuracy with which this model is produced makes it a great teaching tool.  However, the size of the model is it's primary strength.

Students can easily differentiate the outer ear, ear canal, middle ear, and inner ear.  The structure of the eardrum is also much more easily understood by students with no vision when it is oversized. 

This model has made instruction of the ear much more meaningful for my students.


The price may be higher than other such models.

Ordering Info: 

This product can be ordered directly from 3B scientific.