POSB 2017 - Collaboration in Action

The POSB Math and Science Institute is a biennial event designed to encourage collaboration among Teachers of the Visually Impaired focusing on math and science instruction.  The Conference also provides professional development opportunities for participants related to accessible science tools and methods.  The 2017 POSB Math and Science Institute was held at TSBVI in early April and was enjoyed by all!

We hope you'll plan to join us next time!

SAVE THE DATE for the 2019 POSB Conference!

5th Biennial POSB Math and Science Institute

April 8 - 10, 2019

Hosted by Missouri School for the Blind, Iowa Educational Services for the Blind and Visually Impaired, and POSB.

The conference will take place at the Missouri School for the Blind directly prior to NSTA (National Science Teacher's Association) annual meeting.


Collaboration in Action

During the POSB conference, opportunities for collaboration abounded.  Sometimes collaboration occurred during a session.  This was the case during our session about this website when several APH products were discussed.  An adaptation to the APH Periodic Table that hadn't been considered was discussed.  A possible new product was also discussed that would meet a need that many of the participants in the session had observed in their students, namely to teach the function and use of arrows in science diagrams from an early age.

During the brainstorming session on Wednesday,  APH Representatives stressed the importance of input from TVIs and students.  We learned that this is the primary method by which they determine which products to develop.  It is vitally important that TVIs recognize this and know that they are able to provide this input easily on the APH website at http://www.aph.org/products/product-ideas/.  This is based on the 2001 Trustee Advisory Advisory Committee Recommendations.

Sometimes the collaboration was the natural outgrowth of our shared passion to best impart the wonders of science to students with visual impairment.  This was the case while Kate Fraser and I had the pleasure of spending the afternoon together after POSB ended.  Over lunch and tea and coffee, I learned more about the incredible new curriculum covering K-12 science that Kate has put her blood, sweat, and tears into for over a year.  Spoiler alert - Soon to be released by Perkins School for the Blind!!  Kate will be writing a blog post as the curriculum becomes available.  I can't wait to get my copy!!

We all look forward to further ongoing collaboration as we communicate about related issues and to the next opportunity to all join together at POSB 2019.




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