Track Testing Remote Control Cars

By Laura Hospitál on Sep 09, 2016

This science experiment by students at Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired examines the affect of fricton on the distance a remote control car will run.


Which surface will produce more friction, carpet or tile?


There will be more friction on the carpet so the car will go slower on the carpet


  • Remote control jeep, with rechargeable battery
  • Electrical outlet
  • Carpeted floor
  • Tile floor
  • Trundle wheel
  • Stopwatch


  1. Measure 6 meters of floor on the tile.
  2. Make sure the car is charged.
  3. Place the car on floor and push on the gas.
  4. Run the car 6 times on the floor to test how far it will go. 
  5. Measure how far the car traveled using the trundle wheel.
  6. Repeat Steps one through five; 5 times
  7. Record data on a data table.
  Repeat the same procedure (1-7) on carpet and record the data.   


Data sheet for jeep test



  • Average time on tile: 3.81 seconds
  • Average time on carpet:  3.7 seconds



Other surfaces could also be tested like the lab table or the grass.  Carl ran out of time to test them all. 

NGSS Standards:

Plan and conduct an investigation individually and collaboratively to produce data to serve as the basis for evidence, and in the design: decide on types, how much, and accuracy of data needed to produce reliable measurements and consider limitations on the precision of the data (e.g., number of trials, cost, risk, time), and refine the design accordingly. (HS-ESS2-5)

Track testing collage

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