Interactive Tactile Diagram of a Simple Circuit

By Laura Hospitál on Apr 23, 2015

Students learning basic concepts related to electricity will be introduced to simple circuits and parallel circuits. This interactive tactile graphic may be used to access a student's understanding of how electricity flows in a simple circuit.
This activity was designed by Jim Clark and adapted from the FOSS Magnetism and Electricity kit.
Pictures by Ditmar Hospitál



  1. Using the PIAF machine, turn a picture of a battery and a light bulb into a tactile graphic for braille students.   The picture may be simply enlarged to an appropriate size for large print students.  As per the picure, the circuit should include a battery and a light bulb not connected.  This picture is adapted from the FOSS Magnetism and Electricity kit.
  1. Cut 2 pieces of Wikki Stix 4" long for each braille student.


  1. Picture of a battery and a light bulb not connected.
  1. PIAF machine
  1. Wikki Stix cut into (2)  4" pieces (


  1. Students are presented with the raised line of the simple circuit and the 2 pieces of Wikki Stix.
  1. Help students to orient to the picture and describe the Wikki Stix as 2 pieces of wire. 
  1. Students will connect the circuit using the Wikki Stix.  Allow 5-10 minutes as necessary depending on the students in the class.
  1. Discuss the direction of the movement of electrons.

NGSS Standards:

4th grade -Energy can also be transferred from place to place by electric currents, which can then be used locally to produce motion, sound, heat, or light. The currents may have been produced to begin with by transforming the energy of motion into electrical energy. (4-PS3-2),(4-PS3-4)


interactive tactile diagram of a simple circuit collage


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